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What is Klibor?

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my husband and i plan to buy a property so i need to apply a home loan. i get to know from the banker that KLIBOR pegged housing loans are a new alternative type of mortgage loan.
he briefly explain to me about KLIBOR pegged mortgage loans and he would like me to put into consideration when apply home loan.
l need know more detail about KLIBOR loan.can i know Conventional Loan and KLIBOR home loan which one is better?

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    KLIBOR is better... if the KLIBOR goes down.. .the interest rate can be lesser...

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    Hey, the link for the latest KLIBOR rate is this:, anyway, the rate will also published in major local newspaper such as The Star, New straits time, Sichew and Nanyang. So far as I know only 2 banks offering KLIBOR home loan, that is Standard Chartered Bank and Hong Leong Bank. And I found out the Hong leong Bank KLIBOR loan is much better as it is a flexi home loan.

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    i already do survey for u,tan lala. KLIBOR is the best so u must choose KLIBOR because this home loan package contain the lower interest rate and package valued added package.
    u can see this graph
    the historical data from 2008 – 2013 proved that the 3-Month KLIBOR has always been lower than BLR. There is a strong positive correlation between BLR and KLIBOR. the effective interest rates are based on BLR -2.5% and KLIBOR + 1% until now also the same.

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    can i know what is the latest KLIBOR rate right now and where can i get it?
    which bank are currently provide 3 month KLIBOR-pegged home loan package?

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    KLIBOR stand for Kuala Lumpur interbank offered rates , it is the estimated average interest rate charged when one bank borrows from another bank in Malaysia. Next year onwards, KLIBOR will replace BLR home loan.
    No more conventional home loan anymore next year, All will replace with KLIBOR. The different between KLIBOR and BLR are, KLIBOR fluctuated more compare to BLR, due to it’s changes everyday. KLIBOR rate definitely be better, sometime is slightly lower than BLR loan though it changes every 3 mths.

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